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Om de applicatie te kunnen gebruiken is een account bij Intervals noodzakelijk. De prijzen welke heel bescheiden zijn kun je hier vinden. Er is een gratis 30-dagen proefaccount mogelijk. Neem de tijd om eens rustig rond te kijken en de krachtige mogelijkheden te ontdekken. Natuurlijk gebruiken we Intervals zelf en vonden de mobiele uitbreiding een ‘ must’ .


You can login with your API account when you are an Executive in a Project of your vender/supplier that uses Intervals.


Even when you are not the owner of a project environment yourself, but you are an executive in a Intervals environment you can use Intervals Time as well. You will be able to add new requests to your supplier/vendor. With the request added your vender will then decide what he will do with the request and you will be able to follow the process.

How to get your API account? 

When you first start the application you must logon to the myintervals environment. For each environment where you have access you have your own API account. Login on the your project interface of myintervals.

Go to Options->My Account click on API Access in the menu bar. Here you can find your API Token which will be the login name for your account.

How it works!

If you start the application you first need to login with you API account.

When you are logged in the list Limit canbe set to 100 for best experience (which is the default).

If you ‘enter’ your account your company profile will be loaded in the customers part of the settings view. In the settings view you can change to another API account.

In the settings view you can also set the default behavior of the ‘Add’-button.

TIP: Holding the ‘Add’-button opens a menu where you have more options to choose from when you want to add data. Executives (users with limited rights) won’t have the ‘Add Time’ and ‘Add Timer’ options.

Now you have several TABS to go to.


Here you can see the list of Time which is your actual Time sheet.

You can see Time details by tapping on an item. Time can be deleted/changed only when it is not in an approved timesheet.

By default the complete list of time will be showed. You can see the current week time by pressing the calendar icon in the top bar. If you want to see the complete list again press on the list button (second left) in the top bar.

When you are in weekview you can ‘page’ by week by pressing the previous en next buttons in the top bar, or by swiping left or right on the list. Hit the calendar button again to go back to the current week.

Executives wont see this list.


On this view you will see a list of tasks.

You can search the task list by entering a search value in the search bar.

The list of Task to be shown can also be filtered. Tap on the ‘Filter’-button in the top bar and select your filter.

Tap ‘done’ when your finished with the filter you have setup and the list will be filtered with your filter.


On this list you will see all your timers.

Running timers will have a green bar and stopped timers will have a yellow bar. If you have running timers you will see the amount of running timers in the Badge icon in the TAB.

Convert timer to time

You can Convert a timer to time by tapping on the corresponding item. A view will popup where you can add your information. Press the ‘+’ button to actually convert your timer to time. When converting you will need to select a Task the time belongs to. If the Timer is converted it will automatically be deleted.

Pauze/re-run timer

You can pause a timer by tapping on the running timer from the list. Hit the ‘Pause’ icon and the timer will pause. Re-running a timer can also be done on this screen. Tap on the ‘play’ button and the timer will continue running.

Before converting a timer to time you first need to pause the timer. If you want to delete a timer you will also need to pause it first. After that you can tap on the ‘x’-button to delete the timer.

A description for a timer that does not run for a task can also be given in this screen.

Executives wont see this list.


The list of projects can be shown in two ways. Go to More (…) and press ‘projects’. A list of projects is shown. You can also filter projects by pressing the filter button in the topbar.

Active projects will have a green bar and inactive project have a yellow bar.


This TAB is presented as the first TAB for users that are Executives only.

Want new features, have an idea or a bug?

When you use Intervals Time you can send us a request by mail and we will add you also to our own Intervals Time project. That way you are able to send new requests, idea’s and bugs to us. We will always listen to clients for new features. Currently we are working on the iPad version. The iPad version will also have more functionality for Project Managers for overviewing Project etc.


If you have any question mail us and we will answer them as soon as possible.