CableConnect is designed to make cable connections between devices and to keep track on connectivity and used connectors. Rules to a certain extend check if cable connections are valid. The application is MS Visio based and due to an underlying database concurrent engineering is a feature. Multiple MS Visio files with multiple pages each are releated for on- and off-page relations (and on- and off file relations) are supported.

The application is suitable to design and registrate cable connections of all types between devices, machinery, computers, etc.

The basics

CableConnect works based on objects representing all kind of devices, etc. The graphic presentation of these objects can be changed according to your standards. Objects contain connectors from various types and amount. Those connectors can have propertys representing their purpose and tecnical state. In this way the application helps to connect devices with the appropriate cables and connectors. Objects/devices once designed can be stored in a library. The same is valid for cables.

Once a design is made CableConnect can report all devices and connections. Male and female connectors are designated and of course also the type of connector.

Cables can also be designed and stored in the library. Colors and technical properties can be defined with default values.

Some keyfeatures

Just a selection:Automatic selection of connectors upon connecting a cable Support of spidercables (splitted cables), based on this a cable can route between more than two connectors Not valid cable connections are highlighted and reported Reporting based on more than one Visio-file containing multiple pages Backannotation of in MS Excel reported lists to update the property information in the Visio drawings Support of linking to an existing situation or to other project parts On- and off page connectivity support between pages and files Publishing drawings in a webbased environment.