Ravelin offers you skills and time to support or advice you to reach the goals of your company:

  1. Composing and conducting. The  concepts, ideas and plans to improve the processes in your company can be designed by us or with our assistance. These plans will be realised in specific projects under powerful management to reach the required results;
  2. Consultancy. We can help you in many aspects of organisation, business processes and IT solutions, even if we are not involved in application development and implementation ourselves;
  3. Application development and configuration. The border between writing code and configuring socalled standard applications is very thin;
  4. Beside typical technical training like for MS Visio (we are 1 of the 10 worldwide first ‘train the trainer companies’), training of business process related applications can be our role.

All mentioned services have the purpose to offer you Ravelin as an extended company. That was the original idea when Ravelin was founded in 1992. You can use for a period our skills to reach direct goals and for the longer periods keep a lower level of relationship to maintain the goals, define strategy and think over next steps.